So close! Entry point error in OgreMain_d.dll


22-08-2006 17:14:47

I am trying to get the OgreDotNet addon working in Visual Studio 2005 Pro. I'm real close! :) After reading the forums here and many compiles and getting a .manifest file so the mscv[p|r]80[_d].dll files could be found, etc... I can get my app to run and I get this error:
The procedure entry point ?_getWorldAABB@SceneNode@Ogre@@UBE?AVAxisAlignedBox@2@XZ could not be located in the dynamic link library OgreMain_d.dll
After this error, the ogre.log contains:
Error #: 9
Function: DynLib::load
Description: Could not load dynamic library .\Plugin_OctreeSceneManager. System Error: The specified procedure could not be found.

If I open up plugins.cfg and remove the line for Plugin_OctreeSceneManager then my test app runs and I get a solid blue screen with the FPS window in the lower left. No scene of course without a scene manager. But I'm close!

Has anyone run across this or know what could be wrong? Thanks!


23-08-2006 15:16:03

Ok, I recompiled the _vc8 and _vcs8 projects for OgreDotNet for debug, made sure my test app referenced the right debug dlls, recompiled my test app and put the debug dlls from Ogre SDK and OgreDotNet with my exe along with the .manifest I got from the forums here and the media folder and... it worked this time! WooHoo!