Major typemapping changes for ColourValue, and math classes


27-09-2005 04:47:21

ColourValue has been replaced with System.Drawing.Color

Ogre's Quaternion, Vector2, Vector3, Vector4, Matrix3, and Matrix4 classes have been replaced with the Axiom equivalents, and been renamed to avoid namespace conflicts. The new structs are in a separate library, Math3D, that will be shared by OgreDotNet and Axiom (as well as the engine I've been working on as a side project for the past year or so). This change is also to optimise performance: this way there are no cross wrapper calls every time one performs a math operation, and the Math constructs are structs, which instance far faster than classes.

Doing this took a loooong time and was very complex, so keep any eye out for bugs. In particular, please report any functions or properties that have one of the following as a parameter:



27-09-2005 05:38:17

Wow man, you are a machine...

I'm working on a lot of stuff for my own project, so I haven't been up to speed on everything. Once I am, I'll update the wiki pages and such.