Build question


21-11-2005 03:23:02

Sorry but I read the wiki section on building OgreNet and its just not clear in one way.

I have the ogredotnet addon, I have the Ogre SDK installed. I've downloaded prebuilt win32 SWIG release and set the swig home variable.

Now I know swig has to be run on the .i files, but its not stated anywhere (that I can find) on how that is done. Do I do that myself and if so how? Or is there a build step in the ogrenet project files that invokes that?

Lastly, I know it says ogrenet requires 1.04, but does that mean at *least* 1.04, or only 1.04, i.e., 1.05 is incompatible?


21-11-2005 04:55:16

It's a pre-build process in the project files.

If you're using 2k5, there is some problem when the project files get converted over - and that step gets hidden.

It works with 1.0.5, but there were minor changes that had to be made regarding the texture manager.