24-11-2005 06:18:40

I'm trying to go through all the Samples that come with Ogre and convert them to this project. Hopefully, if I have time - adding in the required wrapper code as I go.

Someone might want to make it _more_ C# than I did. I am a C++ C# coder :)

Here is the link to the CS file for Skeletal Animation: ... imation.cs

I would normally have provided a project file for this, but I'm on 2005 and it seems like most are on 2k3.

Any requests for the next sample, or shall I go my merry way and pick the next simplest one. :)


24-11-2005 16:03:28

Shabubu cool ill try it out

I started on DemoGrass

I sent this to EagleEye but he's been bussy this week so it not in cvs yet. this update has alot of changes to OgreBindings/OgreNet to add manual mesh and fixes to typemaping. I had to add a new class to help set the vertex and index data. its working on my windows box but has some problems in linux. Keep getting segment fault, and linux debuging is not easy.


24-11-2005 16:59:37

Shabubu it works.
Had to add to OgreGpuProgram.i befor the %include OgreGpuProgram.h
%template(SharedGpuProgramPtr) Ogre::SharedPtr<Ogre::GpuProgram>;

Also in SkeletalAnimation.cs line 31 i had to cast Linear to an int like this:


24-11-2005 20:58:33


OgreGpuProgram.i is odd, I didn't have to add that. Think we're already hitting version incompatibilities...

And thanks for that cast - fixed.

Checking out your Grass sample. I'm thinking we're badly out of sync, I don't have OgreLog.i - like you did in OgreBindings.i, etc.


25-11-2005 03:22:25

hmm that was like 2 weeks ago when OgreLog.i was commited to cvs.