Where to get ogre 1.2.0 sdk (compiled)


06-09-2006 10:18:34

Ok, I already posted this question on the sticky thread about dlls. However, often new posts in sticky threads are not noticed, so I try here also :-)

I understand ogreNet precompiled versions only run with ogre sdk 1.2.0 - but where to get this??? I can only find version 1.2.2 and there is no "former versions" site or the like I could find. I found some other postings here with that question but none of them has been answered. So could please someone post a link where to get the old 1.2.0 version?



07-09-2006 04:31:34

I'm using OgreDotNet with Ogre 1.2.2 precomiled SDK just fine. Give it a try.


07-09-2006 09:00:11

Ok, did you compile OgreNet yourself? I wanted to use the precompiled dlls that are mentioned in the sticky thread. However, comments there suppose that these precompiled dlls do not work with ogre 1.2.2 but only with 1.2.0. As I'm new to all this stuff, I don't want to try to compile ogreNet (which sounds very complicated) for a day just do figure out it doesn't work :-)



07-09-2006 18:22:29

I may have misread your original post slightly. I used the precompiled Ogre 1.2.2 SDK with the OgreDotNet source from CSV. I compiled OgreDotNet myself against the precompiled Ogre 1.2.2 dlls using Visual Studio 2005 (8.0). This wasn't an easy straight-forward task either :shock: as there were some header files in the wrong directory in the precompiled Ogre 1.2.2 SDK that I had to copy to the right directory, etc.

If it takes you a day or two to get the things compiled properly and get it up and working with a simple test scenario, then I think it's worth it. Ogre3D seems to be a very stable and feature rich rendering engine with a lot of community support out there in the forums and in the IRC channel (irc.freenode.net, #ogre3d). It appears however, unfortunately, that the OgreDotNet forum here has gone very quiet. Since I've started playing with Ogre3D and its addon project OgreDotNet, this forum has gone days without a single post. I'm hoping that the community surounding the OgreDotNet addon project has just been on "vacation" and this forum will pick up on activity soon. Otherwise it's not very useful when you post a question and days later you're question is still the last post in the forum.

To the OgreDotNet community: Forgive me if I sound like I'm complaining, it's just been frustrating getting Ogre3D and OgerDotNet working and learning it all at the same time with very little community feedback. I think Ogre3D and OgerDotNet are both VERY good projects and the most stable I've seen and I will certainly continue to forge my way through this learning process. And as I learn and figure things out I will post here so others may more easily get past the hurdles I've gotten past. :D


12-09-2006 06:35:51

Have any of you got the debug build working? I can get it compiled, but I can't get it running.