Multi OgreDotNet Windows


11-09-2006 08:24:39

Was wondering if it was possible to have Multi OgreDotNet Windows?
I want to be able to have two panels on a windows forms.

Is this possible? If so how?




11-09-2006 18:56:36

Yes, multiwindows is doable. Very simple, and depends on what you need to how to do it. Simple solution, create multiple renderwindows using the different forms as the target hwnd and a seperate camera for each window.

One little caveet though, because of swap chain issues with DX, you are best creating number of desired windows + 1. That +1 will be the primary window - that window you should never destroy as long as the rendersystem is around. Also, the primary window you should not resize/move/update/or display - trust me, you'll save yourself many issues ;) Just hide that window/panel.