What should we do?


06-12-2005 21:49:27

It's becoming evident to me that I don't really have the time to do this project. I have my own project to work on, and mainly I wanted to get things going again so I could progress on my own game. There is still stuff to do, but I have no idea what those things are because I'm not to the point of needing them for my own game.

If there are better ideas or better people out there to handle this (and I'm sure there are), I'm offering it up to whoever would like to do it.

I want to ensure, though, that the person that takes over is going to stick to it. I don't want this project to die...

Rob Loach

24-12-2005 15:58:39

Don't give up!

You can still work on this project and still have time to work on your own projects. All it needs is a little time management tricks. OgreDotNet is too cool to die :wink: .


24-12-2005 18:37:16

You're right...

rastaman has been invaluable, too... :)