15-10-2006 19:49:04

Hi guys,

First off, well done on a great project. I got the dotnet demos running very quickly and went through the tutorials without a hitch. I even managed to get the winforms program working with more stuff (mouse events etc, but i'll be using standard winforms mouse events in future, unless someone can tell me how to pass the mouse back to the form and out of the render area)

Anyway, please allow me to explain what I want to build. It's a simple sailing simulator. Its not so complex but a realistic ocean is a nice to have. I have compiled the c++ ocean demo and that works OK but how would I transfer that shader to dotnet.

Also how do I animate a shader like that to show moving waves. The problem with a great program like Ogre, is that it's hard to know whether something has been done alleady or whether it need to be built from scratch.

I want to simulate a wake behind a boat. What might be the best way to do that? maybe make it a seperate surface behind the boat and have it attached to the boat node?

If i was to use a terrain for the sea, could I replace the bump map periodically to simulate waves.

Is there a good book on game dev that works well with Ogre?

Is there a way to get an object to react to a terrain/surface or is it a case of finding the hieght of the terrain and moving the object to that height?

I know there are alot of questions there but i hope that you might be able to answer some of them.




15-10-2006 23:47:50

For fun, I tried this code in CreateScene():

Plane plane = new Plane(Vector3.UnitY, 0);

MeshManager.GetSingleton().CreatePlane("Myplane", "General", plane,
14500, 14500, 100, 100, true, 1, 100, 100, Vector3.UnitZ);

Entity pPlaneEnt = mSceneManager.CreateEntity("plane", "Myplane");

Notice the material name; I found it in the file Ocean.material.

Give it a try!


16-10-2006 01:08:56

Thanks not so dumdum!! worked great. Hardly the southern ocean but looks fine from a hieght.