[demoscene] BGParty2007Invitation by TimeScratchers


17-10-2006 22:01:46

Hello everyone,

We just came back from BcnParty where we entered the PC DEMO competition, with an Invitation Demo for BGParty 2007. This time we ranked #1!

We hope you will appreciate the demo, and remenber not to take it too seriusly...

We did our homework and managed to get the demoengine ready for the competition, now DemoStudio is version 0.2alpha, which means that is not sufficely tested to be relased to the public. That will have to wait a bit longer.

Here is a screenshot of how it's coming out:

And he is a picture of the team, taken after the prize ceremony:

(NOTE: Musicians where added digitally later to that pic, it's a bit lame, I know, but hey, you can play to guess who they are :D)

You can download the demo (realtime and video version available) here:


Ah! I forgot to metion, both the DemoEngine and DemoStudio are made using OGRE 1.2 and OgreDotNet. We are also using OFUSION to export the models.

For those interested in how the demoengine works, you can take a look at the file demoscript.xml in the bin folder, it's pretty self explanatory. Good Luck ;)