MOGRE vs OgreDotNet.


02-11-2006 20:35:52

Question on MOGRE vs OgreDotNet.
How many people are on the OgreDotNetproject (developers)
What percent complete are you?

Can you explain the differences in more detail?

OgreDotNet vs MOGRE
OgreDotNet vs Ogre

Thank you in advance (I appreciate your time)



06-06-2007 14:52:43

+1 for OgreDotNet
Because my boss wants I to do with it. And I never mess with the boss :lol:


09-08-2007 13:16:20

This area seems to have stagnated. I too would like to know the difference. I've just dropped development using a commercial package, replacing it with Ogre, so from a managed point of view, which is better? Mogre or OgreDotNet.

The way I understand it is they are both wrappers for the C++ equiv.? So the question really is, which supports more wrapped features?


09-08-2007 14:25:31

I was doing fight: OgreDotNet vs MOGRE.

Both, works. But:

- MOGRE is more supported
- MOGRE is more easily maintened
- MOGRE is easy to extend
- MOGRE have a lot of features that OgreDotNet, haven't

I think the future is MOGRE.


10-08-2007 15:44:20

Thanks for the reply! I realise this now from reading more of the MOGRE threads.



10-02-2009 09:10:42

Mogre might be better, but it doesn't support Mono, so OgreDotNet needs to stay around for .Net portability to Linux, Mac, etc.


18-06-2010 13:30:11

OgreDotNet wasn't updated for a long time (still now?).
The maintainer switched to Python-Ogre and now it seems so that most C# users use Mogre.

Mogre is based on the autowrapper cpp2java using C++/CLI technique. (not supported by Mono - so it works only on Windows systems)
OgreDotNet is based to the autowrapper SWIG - I suppose it uses PINVOKE technique instead.

But I read that still some users use the SWIG technique and it works well.
I suppose they wrapped it themself and didn't used the OgreDotNet infrastructure and didn't update something here.
So if somebody has a need for C# applications with Mono support - maybe ask the people who still use the SWIG technique.
You find them in this thread: ... 30#p393530


26-08-2011 10:40:08

just look the topic!