Getting ODN Installed


15-11-2006 12:02:31

Hi, ive been trying to get ODN installed in Visual Studio 2005 Express for some days now, i just keep getting an exception on the OgreDotNet.OgreBindingsPINVOKE. I havent got a clue what to do because ive tried lots of stuff allready;

- Ive downloaded and installed the OgreSDK 1.2.0
- Ive downloaded the precompiled DLLs from this topic
- Ive created a new project in Visual C# 2005 Express, and added Math3D.dll, OgreDotNet.dll, CeGuiDotNet.dll and OgreDotNet.Cegui.dll to the project its references
- Ive copied every dll in the precompiled dll debug bin to the project debug bin dir and i also tried the release dlls
- ive copied every Ogre3D dll from the ogre/bin/debug to the project debug and i also tried the ogre/bin/release dlls
- ive copied the cfgs from the OgreDotNet precompiled dll zipfile to the projects debug dir

What am i missing here?


16-11-2006 17:08:41

I can't see anything missing from that list, but as I use Sharpdevelop and not Visual Studio, I can't help too much.

The only suggestions I can offer are:

to check that it is Ogre 1.2.0 sdk that you have and are copying the files from, as Ogredotnet (for me anyway) doesn't seem to work with any of the later versions.

and I'm sure you have done it, but check you have copied the correct version of OgreBindings.dll.


22-11-2006 09:31:58

Well, i solved it by just installing VC2005 Pro, and using all the release DLLs, works perfectly.