ODE with ODN


22-12-2005 21:13:39

My next task for my game is to get physics and collision detection working. I have stopped trying to get rayscenequeries to work, because all I was going to use it for was to keep the player situated above the landscape a certain distance. I think I would rather use basic collision detection of the model to the landscape instead.

So, my next little task is to get the ODE to work as a plugin, which should require no wrapping, just like the PLSM plugin requires no wrapping.


22-12-2005 22:31:34

I just remembered... ODE has .NET capability... I think. :)

Edit: Yes it does!



23-12-2005 08:12:49

There is also a .NET implementation of ODE, included in the TAO framework.



23-12-2005 11:21:24

there's also a newton .dot floating about. A very solid free engine

Rob Loach

24-12-2005 15:48:08

James Raine's ODE implementation for .NET sadly isn't capable of running through Mono as it was written using C++.NET. Same goes for the Newton implementation.... The only one that can run through Mono for platform independance would be Tao.Ode since it's hard C# P/Invoke bindings to ODE, much like OgreDotNet.


24-12-2005 18:39:23

Yeah, that's the one I'm leaning towards too. I'm learning how it all works right now.

I've been talking with xavier from the main Ogre forum about the possibility of wrapping this "Gangsta Wrapper" (which is a thing that allows you to specify different physics packages as plugins). The reason this would be cool is because it would allow ANY of the current physics packages in use by Ogre users, to be used under OgreDotNet with a single project being wrapped. In effect, it's a physics package wrapper that would be wrapped... so it's a wrapped physics package wrapper, or a phsyics package wrapper wrapper. :)


25-12-2005 02:15:15

EagleEye: funny wrapping a wrapper. I'd love to rap about that :wink: . But i think remaking it all in DotNet would be better.


25-12-2005 04:07:58

Well, remaking it would be redundant, considering the current .NET options available.

Wrapping the wrapper would be the only thing I'd be willing to do since it exposes EVERYTHING via that one Gangsta Wrapper itself.


25-12-2005 05:05:38

I should have read the full thread. Reading what Rob Loach said, a wrap of Gangsta would be the way to go. ODE, TrueAxis, and Newton could be used in linux. I'v only used ODE, but the other 2 are suppose to work.


25-12-2005 05:40:39

(warning: off the topic of ODN)

Hehe, ya know what kinda sucks, but at the same time is kinda cool?

I just realized that for a client server app, the server needs to be the thing doing the physics calculations, and then sending out the orientation/position data to the clients...

I was thinking the client had to have the physics stuff in place, but in this day of hacking and cheating, you don't want to trust the clients to be telling the server where things are... and even then, which client do you trust? THe same items will be shown on numerous clients, so do you have each client perform its own physics calculations, and have the server determine an average or something, and then position the item appropriately? That would take up more CPU time than just having the server determine the physics of all objects...

The question now is, how do I have objects interact (with physics I mean) with the terrain? But that's something I'll have to figure out later...


25-12-2005 22:47:39

The question now is, how do I have objects interact (with physics I mean) with the terrain? But that's something I'll have to figure out later...

I ported the terrain stuff from OgreOde to Gangsta. It only works in ODE, I don't know the other PE enough to do them.
http://www.ogre3d.org/phpBB2/viewtopic. ... &start=225