InputReader update delay

Al Capique

21-11-2006 18:10:29

hello to all,

I'm having a weird problem capturing a key pressing with the mInputReader.isKeyDown() method.

My test works fine in mine and ther 2 computers in my workplace. But when I test it on another specific computer, an Athlon 64 running Windows XP, the InputReader update seen delayed, and that makes my game input answer to be daleyed too.

I guess the problem is in that specific computer, but I have no idea how to fix that.

Does anyone have any idea?



Al Capique

24-11-2006 19:45:53

Hi again

We were doing some tests with that problematic computer, and the same problem occurred in the Demo Grass (C++ version).

However, we ran the demo with the OpenGL Render System - and, surprise, the problem disappeared! Either on our game and on the Demo Grass. Good for us! =D

Maybe the problem is how OGRE manage the input system from DirectX, since it seems to cause weird input delays on some computers.