Simple Question: Ogre with non objectorientated language


22-02-2007 10:02:02

I am using PureBasic and looking for a way to use Ogre in my landscape generator GeoControl.
I am not using any object orientated language and will not learn it. So I need dlls, with functions I can call. The function call and binding is no problem for PureBasic, you only need a dll, which allows this.

This question form another PB user in the ogre main forum was not really answered, but he was said, he should look here. But I did not find here any hint, whether it is possible or not.

Please answer my question.........


22-02-2007 16:39:35

Well I have news for you cajomi if you learn to use Ogre you will be most of the way to learning to use an object oriented language. So don't be so afraid of broadening your horizons. Ogre is C++ based engine and you will have trouble accessing it through a DLL interface meant for C linkage, which is what it looks like PureBasic has. So unless PureBasic has some kind of special .Net interoperability you aren't going to be able to use Ogre.


22-02-2007 16:55:49

I understand, without a wrapper, no chance.
To objectorientation:
It is not that I am afraid of it, it is more simple, I hate it. For me, it is the definitve wrong way for many applications.
It is for objectorientated applications. But I am sure, it makes no sense to discuss it, here or anywhere else. The time of different possibilities has gone, there has been set a standard, that rules now. But I am not willing to let me rule.
So, if no wrapper exists, no ogre.


23-02-2007 00:49:01

I you are interested in making a pure basic functional wrapper I am sure there will be people who will find it usefull. You should investigate the available wrapping tools for pure basic. A post on the main forum would probably be a better place to discuss this.


23-02-2007 04:55:56

There is a build in wrapper for ogre in PB. But it is not up to date. I am not very interesting in investigation to find someone, who might write a wrapper and also not in writing it myself.
I am developer, and the next release should be in the first half of this year. I have not the time for waiting.
So, it will not be ogre, but irrlicht.

PS A post from a PureBasic user in the main forum did not any positive results.