Who wants to appear in a research paper ?


31-01-2006 16:44:36

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for a complete OgreDotNet scene, representing a real environment (I mean something you see everyday in real life). Here are some explanations :
With a school mate, we're working on the following project :
Interaction with a 3D scene using UPnP technology.
We're gonna submit our work at the "Laval virtual" event, in France, which is an international conference about Virtual Reality (http://www.laval-virtual.org/index.php?lang=en).

« This is important for me to be here. Laval Virtual brings an impressive number of researchers and virtual reality professionals. I have never seen as much of them at the same place at the same moment »

Professor Skip Rizzo, University of California

We didn't spend much time on making a nice 3D scene, and this is a (big) problem since we wanna add screenshots to our paper.
The perfect scene would be a living room, in which you might switch on/off a light. The scene must use OgreDotNet.

Of course, the name of the scene programmer would appear on the paper ;)

Answer quickly if you're interested, the deadline for the paper is february 10th.


02-02-2006 04:35:09

Hi Rom,

As I'm new to OgreDotNet the only scene I've constructed is one of a lighthouse with ancillary buildings, sitting on a craggy rock in the middle of a gently tidal sea...there's foam that rises and falls around the rock, and an animated seagull flying closeup in the top left corner of the viewport. I have also used DirectSound to add ocean and bird sounds.

I constructed all of the very highly detailed and textured models myself...deliberately high poly count to test Ogre under stress.

Not exactly a living room, but it is a real-life scene. Ask more questions if this suits your needs.




02-02-2006 10:07:16

Hi GregH ;)

Check your PMs ;)