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22-09-2005 01:25:42

Do you have a project using OgreDotNet? If so, add your project's information here!

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  2. Type[/*:m]
  3. Description[/*:m]
  4. URL if any[/*:m]
  5. .NET language you're using[/*:m]
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    And lets keep it on topic: project descriptions only.


23-09-2005 06:05:55

I suppose I could start this off

  1. Title BDB(Dev Title, meh we're too lazy to think of anything atm)
    Type 1st Person Rpg
    Description A classless, levelless rpg, that uses a persistant world. Where players can take on any profession they choose & carve a niche out for themselves
    URL if any None as of yet, we are still in design phase. As soon as we have a tech demo then we will register a url
    .Not(sic) Languages C# & Managed C++
    Any other information you want to share Hopefully this becomes more than vapourware hence we are quiet about it
    Music <band punt>Done by the Medea Project</band punt> and various other members of the SA Metal community


23-09-2005 19:22:33

Granite Pro
(formerly Granite v2 and Granite 2004)

This is the sequel to my original curling game (Granite). That's right -- curling. It's in the Olympics so it is a real sport. Honestly.

I spent 18 months working on it in C++, but progress slowed to a crawl about a year ago. After a year of contract work I'm ready to get back to it using C#. It's going to be a WinForms application, using WinForms controls for most of the GUI and OgreDotNet in a panel for graphics. Eventually the in-game GUI will be switched to CEGUI, but not until after the first release. I have customers who've been waiting for over two years -- they're clamouring for a finished game and I'm aching for their money. :wink:

There are a bunch of old screenshots in the Ogre Featured Projects area.

I haven't started working with OgreDotNet yet (too many contract deadlines) but I'm very excited about it.


23-09-2005 22:32:47

My project is no longer using ODN.


28-09-2005 20:54:50

Project: RealmForge
Type: GDK Middleware
Language: C#
Administrators: xeonx, najak

Very large in scope. We've had our problems. Currently we're doing a significant refactoring, and temporary reduction in scope to deliver a middleware package that provides real punch. The refactoring is called "Rage", and will soon be able to swap between OgreNet/CeguiNet and Axiom/Cegui#.

With reduced scope and higher quality, we'll re-add feature scope into Rage until it becomes the new main branch for RealmForge. That's the current plan and thrust. Success or failure of the Rage fork will be the determining factor.

For Preview, here's a link to the last Rage demo which was built upon Axiom. It'll give you an idea of our starting point:

By the beginning of October, we should have completed a majority of our integration with OgreDotNet/CeguiDotNet.


21-10-2005 00:23:04

# Project Name: ZD
# Type: Vehicle combat game. LAN/Internet multiplayer up to 8 players.
# Description: Flight combat game that takes place in computer cyberspace, some game modes like deathmatch.
# URL if any: None. It only exists in my mind.
# .NET language you're using: VB.NET
# Any other information you want to share:I havent even downloaded the SDK or the DotNet wrapper yet. Though I have spent 9 months looking for a perfect graphics engine. It will be a long long time before it will come to happen. Just a plan. I have not tottaly decided if I wanted to use Ogre with this project or not.


07-11-2005 18:52:16



21-04-2006 13:29:00

* Project Name: TimeScratchers' DemoSystem
* Type: Application
* Description: Visual Editor to compose visual, realtime, animations and realtime demonstrations (demos). Think of an application like "adobe premiere", or "Flash", but designed to create realtime demos and animations. Also, extensible via plugin framework.
* URL: The only thing available is our second demo, presented at Breakpoint'06, more info here:
* .NET language: C# 2.0
* Current State: The demo engine is alpha, used in 'Miserae' demo. You can find a complete specifications with the demo, so you can experiment with the engine if you feel brave enough 8). The Demo Studio is currently being developed, only few things work so far.


21-04-2006 22:52:33

  1. Project Name: Virtual Table Top[/*:m]
  2. Type: Virtual warhammer (and 40k)[/*:m]
  3. Description: see above[/*:m]
  4. URL if any: none yet[/*:m]
  5. .NET language you're using: C#[/*:m]
  6. Any other information you want to share.:Simply a virtual table top without any physics or rules... always wanted to play warhammer 40k but refused to spend the fortune on miniatures and paints. Will network tcp/ip, one client acting as host.[/*:m][/list:u]

    Now if i can just get the wrapper to compile on VC2005express... anyone have any walkthroughs? it's been years since i did c++.


22-04-2006 06:24:39

  1. Project Name: Virtual Table Top

Sounds cool!


28-06-2006 19:24:11

  1. Project Name: Car Tune[/*:m]
  2. Type: The Garage as in NFSU2:)[/*:m]
  3. Description: Pimp a Ride :)[/*:m]
  4. URL: N/A[/*:m]
  5. VB.NET in #Develop[/*:m]
  6. Need modelers :)[/*:m][/list:u]


14-12-2006 22:42:30

# Project Name: Galaxy Racer (work name)
# Type: Low-flight podracing like race game
# Description: One pod is controlled by the player, several opponents should be available in the near future.
# URL: None yet. Will be there when the first playable alpha/beta is released
# .NET language you're using: C#
# Developers: azteke, denyos
# Any other information you want to share
Game will use FMOD for sound, Tao.ODE for physics and possibly CEGUI for menu, although probably not in the first releases
This project is an assignment from school, we have to create a playable game in 42 days with two people working on it. That's not much, especially when both developers have little programming experience. It is also the first time we do something like this... We're keeping our fingers crossed :wink:

Anyway, our intention is to continue developing the product after release @school, but only when there's enough ground to keep working on.
Right now we're having a lot of fun seeing our product's features growing, and we certainly have a lot more respect regarding game development studios.