ConfigFile ?


14-02-2006 23:49:24

Hello all !

I'm a bloody beginner with OGRE and I am currently trying to find any tutorials to the OgreDotNet Addon. I got everything set up, downloaded and installed the SDK and used SWIG to get the .NET dlls compiled.

Now, because there are no tutorials about OgreDotNet, I was trying to go through this C++ tutorial :

and was trying to realize it with C#.

I already got problems with the ConfigFile-Object, because it doesn't seem to exist in the OgreDotNet Libraries ?

Is there any kind of documentation about OgreDotNet, except the setup help in the wiki ? Any tutorials about it ?

The first thing I'd like to do is to set up a sample application that just displays a simple scene, but I don't want to use the ExampleApplication classes because I'd like to learn how to do it the right way in later applications.

Please help :)

Thx !


15-02-2006 08:04:59

You can create a new class and fill it with the methods and properties on ExampleApplication.cs. It is slightly different in .net than in c++.

I think that the only documentation available of ODN is this forum. There is a lot of code and tutorials about ogre and it is not very hard to translate them in .net code when you have played with it a bit.


15-02-2006 18:14:03

In my post above, I wrote that I don't want to use the ExampleApplication classes, because I want to understand it step by step.

So in case there is a class/object in a C++ tutorial, which does not exist in the OgreDotNet dlls - what would be the proper way to get this sorted out ?


15-02-2006 22:23:43

You haven't understand me or I haven't understand you. I wanted to say that you shoud have a look to the code in ogredotnet\OgreNet\Custom\ExampleApplication.cs.


16-02-2006 14:13:43

ConfigFile was removed from the wrapper because it created swigtype_* files that were irresolvable at the time, and .Net already has very robust IO system. It is a completely contained class not used in Ogre itself, just there to help in c++ coding. As alberts sad check out ExampleApplication's code there is a function SetupResources witch uses a StreamReader.

For other missing classes please point them out as you get to them. They may just be things that have not been wrapped yet. I will try and start a wiki page of differences at some point.


16-02-2006 19:38:01


Got you now, I looked there, and saw that is manually implemented there. So there is no object that solves configuration issues in OgreDotNET ?

Theoretically I should be able to use xml serializing then to load the configuration, right ? Because I wrote a little helper class here a while ago that reads a configuration object out of an xml-file using serialization.


That would really be great !

Hopefully there will be any tutorials especially about OgreDotNet too. If I get it sorted out I might write a summary of the problems I ran into when trying to get started with OgreDotNoet, so maybe you could use that for the Wiki then. Maybe it can help others who have got the same problems.