release version


19-02-2006 21:11:21

is there a way to build release versions of the dlls and samples?

i was trying it out and OgreBindings was throwing exceptions.


20-02-2006 23:06:30

can you be more specific, what exceptions ?
I was able to build it all in Release and the demos ran fine. Only had a problem with the CEGUI demos didn't copy to bin/Release.


03-03-2006 19:28:43


sure, this is what im doing. im opening the DemoWinForms project, change it to release mode, and hit play. it goes and compiles the OgreBindings project which does indeed make the two dlls, and then it also makes the DemoWinForms.exe. i then copy all the dlls and relevant cfg files (and make it point to the right media folder) from the OgreSDK/bin/release folder into the folder.

this is what i did for the debug mode and it works. but when running the release exe, i get this.

An unhandled exception of type 'System.TypeInitializationException' occurred in OgreDotNet.dll

Additional information: The type initializer for 'OgreDotNet.OgreBindingsPINVOKE' threw an exception.

am i missing something?


03-03-2006 20:07:39

duh, i am!

i guess i forgot the release versio of the OgreBindings.dll :p

thats pretty tricky though, the Math3D and the OgreDotNet dlls are copied to the folder:


why not copy the OgreBindings.dll there as well?


03-03-2006 22:51:28

I looked at the Ogrebindings project settings and release does copy to the bin folder.
CommandLine="copy $(ConfigurationName)\$(TargetName).dll $(ProjectDir)..\Bin\$(ConfigurationName)


04-03-2006 05:17:31

i dont know but i guess it was there for me...