Terrain functionality not there yet?


05-10-2005 04:22:22

I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere, but does OgreDotNet contain all of the regular Ogre functionality? Being lazy, I just used the OgreDotNet precompiled dlls posted here. I didn't notice any of the terrain classes/methods while looking through the root OgreDotNet namespace, which from looking at the API reference, seems to be where they are supposed to be?

thanks for any help,
-Bill Renk


05-10-2005 05:49:39

As far as I know things like RaySceneQuery used in the terrain demo have not been ported yet. As soon as I get a moment (which isn't looking very likely :() I will attempt to swig the bits i need for the terrrain demo.

If successful, I'll send them through to the team


05-10-2005 06:51:43

Scene queries aren't done yet, but as far as using the terrain scene manager, etc... that is a plugin accessed directly by the ogre.dll... this means plugins do not need to be wrapped or ported... they can be used in their native form.

So you can currently use the paging landscape scene manager, and the various other plugins (like particle FX and ODE)... but accessing the data using the Ogre "portals" to those plugins... yeah, that's not done yet probably. :)


05-10-2005 15:14:34

Thanks for the info. And thank you in general for making a .Net add-on.

- Bill Renk


05-10-2005 18:46:48

RaySceneQuery is my current project.


05-10-2005 23:24:22

Aaaah awesome news :D