CeguiDotNet update and todo


23-09-2005 10:07:49

- All the widget events that were in mjsimpson's extensive list have been wrapped.

- A few non-widget classes, such as system, don't have event handlers yet. I want to think more about how to implement them (not to mention I'm sick of it and need a break from it :P )

- There'll probably be a copy and paste error or three, so keep an eye out.

- Listboxes still don't work yet.

- Editboxes can't accept text yet because I need to figure out how to typemap chars to another of cegui's weird types for the injectChar function.

- I fixed the bug where you couldn't retrieve a valid .net string from a cegui function, you could only provide one. That is to say, the .net string to CEGUI::String conversion worked ok, but didn't work in the other direction. edit: whoops, no I didn't. edit2: ok NOW it is.

Anyways I'm sick to death of looking at cegui events, so I'm gonna work on something else, such as:

- Working to get the libs more CLS compliant.
- Hiding Ogre's math classes and typemapping the Axiom math classes to them
- Moving the axiom math classes to their own DLL
- Deprecating Initialiser
- Getting vertex buffers and rayscenequeries working.
- Taking a look at the annoying enum issue dannomite is fighting with.

Feel free to contribute if you have a solution to any of those.