What state is OgreDotNet in now


16-03-2006 09:34:38

How much of the functionality is wrapped? How stable is it? Has there been any performance tests/comparisons.

Is there some kind of progress/project page anywhere so that we can see at a glance where things are up to.



16-03-2006 16:35:08

It's as stable as Ogre is, really. The wrapper is stable as can be... but if you're wrapping shit, then you get wrapped shit. :) We're wrapping ogre, which is stable and functional.

Now, there are some hurdles, and some things that the wrapping couldn't do, but that was minor. Everything seems to work just fine. There may be some ADVANCED functionality that hasn't been tested yet (because no one has gotten that far), but honestly, I'd say it's "release candidate" worthy.


17-03-2006 08:11:56

Thanks for the feedback. I forgot to ask in the first post, is the CE Gui fully implemented or at least mostly so.


17-03-2006 08:23:09

Yeah, it works fine as far as I can tell.