OgreDotNet FTP - or Website download?


18-03-2006 14:05:50

Does anyone have the current version of OgreDotNet on a Webspace or somethin?
I mean ,cause of the Outage of CVS Service of Sourceforge, i'm not able download the current version and i didn't have any older version.
Or does anyone knows when the service is back?


18-03-2006 17:26:50

Uh, it was back yesterday...


18-03-2006 18:44:44

Hmm...Maybe..but if was yesterday... :cry:
So i can't travel back in time, to checkout

The worst of all is, when i checked the status it was morning, so it wasn't available, i didn't checked out in the evening, so i missed it....
Today i read that it was available yesterday, that's frustrating.


18-03-2006 19:25:14

don't say i never gave you anything ;p


18-03-2006 22:56:06

Oh big thanks, thank you thank you thank you.
:D :D :D :D :D
I'll tell all the people in the world the Ogre Forum is the best forum^^