CVS will be unavailable for a short period...


21-03-2006 07:22:20

Prior to the updating of the OgreDotNet CVS files for use with Ogre SDK 1.2, we have asked Sinbad to have our project folder emptied entirely on the CVS server, so we can start fresh with a new structure.

If you have any requests for the new structure, please let us know.

Here are my ideas for how it should be structured:

* Remove one of those .sln files (Keep OgreDotNet.sln, remove OgreNet.sln).
* Move all demos to their own Demos subfolder.
* Add a "OldVersions" folder, with a zip of the entire CVS tree for the 1.0.6 compatible source, and any future zips of stable releases.

While we do this reorganization, the CVS tree may be completely unavailable. We will let you know when it's all re-uploaded.