axiom is back...


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21-03-2006 15:49:24

does axiom work in linux ?


22-03-2006 08:49:08

it is in todo list.
mono ( can run any kind of .NET 1.1 code but have still some task to finished in .NET 2.0 and webform.
But, it will be ok. Axiom team work to make it compatible with mono.
The only one problem is that mono GC is slower than MS .NET framework and some function is much slower too.
But mono work to make it faster. So, hope we will have a linux compatibility soon ;)


28-03-2006 03:39:22

Hmmm, is this going to be updated to support Dagon? We are currently thinking of migrating to ogre, but find the idea of using C++ somewhat tedious. C# is much more to our liking with a far friendlier syntax closer to what we have grown familiar with.

Our problem with C# is the lack of libs avaliable for things like Audio, collisions, physics etc. I did note that there is a WIP ODE one :)

Anyway, I'm really interested in what happens to Axiom and what direction if any it will be taking in the next few months. And if not that, would it be possible to add a sticky topic listing tools and libs useful for developing games with OgreDotNet?

It seems like C# is the future, but it's still too early, and people havent jumped on the bandwagon yet.

Any info would be VERY useful :) Thanks...


28-03-2006 08:20:30

The news is one year old !

I was very interested in axiom and started to "play" with it but it was left by it's author without any news. Then it was taken by realforge guy who promised lot a nice things, but the only thing i saw on the realmforge page was asking for devs or webdesigner. Now they say it's gone commercial ... excuse me but i don't feel good about axiom now ....

Is there any progress, is there a binary build available ?

For now i'm sticking with ogreDotNet, wonderful job btw ;)


28-03-2006 08:46:33

I agree completely. Axiom was good, but as the ODN wiki page states, there are problems inherant with a PORT as opposed to a wrapper. You can have a port that is 100% done, only to have it obsoleted by a new version of the original coming out. Then you have to go through the original line by line to see what's been changed, and re-port those changes.

With a wrapper done with SWIG, since the conversion is automatic, you may only have to add a few things to the wrapper definition files to take in to account new things in the original... but for the most part, the upgrade is automatic! Just swig it again, and compile...

Now if Ogre was "completed" and had no pending changes for about a year, I'd say "go for it" with the port... but with the number of changes, and the frequency of new releases for Ogre, I'd be concerned about a perpetual "keeping up with the changes" development loop, where no new code could ever be completed.

Use what you want... but know that Axiom is unstable, incomplete, and in a state of uncertainty that will require quite a bit of stability for its reputation to return to a favorable status.