Swing problem??


02-04-2006 16:57:49


I starting to learn C# with Ogre but I think I have some problems with swig.
I am trying to compile the binding dll's.


------ Build started: Project: OgreBindings, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------

Performing Custom Build Step
Invoking Swig
c:\Program Files\TortoiseCVS\ogreaddons\ogredotnet\OgreNet>"C:\Program Files\TortoiseCVS\ogreaddons\ogredotnet\swig-1.3.29\swig.exe" -c++ -csharp -namespace OgreDotNet -I"C:\Project\ogrenew\include" OgreBindings.i
C:\Program Files\TortoiseCVS\ogreaddons\ogredotnet\swig-1.3.29\Lib\swigwarnings.swg(39): Error: Unable to find 'swigwarn.swg'
OgreBindings.i(65): Error: Unable to find 'OgrePlatform.h'
OgreBindings.i(68): Error: Unable to find 'OgrePrerequisites.h'
OgreSharedPtr.i(15): Error: Unable to find 'OgreSharedPtr.h'


02-04-2006 17:22:48

It looks to me like you're using the CVS for Ogre rather than the SDK. It's highly recommended you use the SDK instead. The only way I'm deducing this is by your path to ogre (the "ogrenew" part is an indicator).

Go download the 1.2 SDK and install it... make sure your 2 environment variables are set up right (see the OgreDotNet wiki page for details), and try again.


02-04-2006 18:26:02


Thanx I need to comile Ogre myself sence I have customizations in Ogre.

I got the dlls compiling know I also got Gangsta compiling.

I noticed in the properties of the Ogrebindings that:
this looked like this "$(OGRE_HOME)\lib" and not like this "$(OGRE_HOME)\lib\$(ConfigurationName)"

which helps ofcourse...other projects may have the same problem




02-04-2006 19:08:46

Hi Lee04
The problem is that we cant have both path in one configuration. in the SDK there is only SDK/lib both debug and release in the same directory. then theres also the SDK/Include directory where everthing is in one place except CEGUI.

we could make new configurations. Debug_OgreFromSource... if you make them please submit a patch.


02-04-2006 21:59:45

Hi Rastaman.

I see the point well I might just do that if this turns out well.
Know I will get the xerces libs to get going, they where not included with cegui download but is still needed.