Compiling Ogre1.2 with VS2005 issue


04-04-2006 21:36:11

I have just downloaded the latest version of both ogre and ODN and when trying to compile ODN I get this error:

c:\download\ogre\ogreaddons\ogredotnet\ogrenet\ogrebindings_wrap.cxx(478) : error C2440: 'return' : cannot convert from 'Ogre::Light *' to 'const Ogre::Light *&'

Any idea?



04-04-2006 21:46:55

what function is that line 478

your using swig 1.3.29, and you right clicked and compiled OgreBindings.i first?


04-04-2006 23:07:43

Oh! Thanks Rastaman. That was the problem!! I was using swig 1.3.27. No problem with 1.3.29. I only have to convert (open and save with VS) a few files from Mac to Win format: eventHandler.h, gpuprogramext.h, initialiser.h, keyframeext.h, line3D.h, movableobjectext.h, simplerenderabledirector.h and staticgeometrysubclassproxies.h.

I've uploaded the dll to

I've also uploaded to the VS2005 Express solutions files that I've used to compile them. There is one for the c++ version of VS205 Express IDE, which should be build first and a second one for using with the C# version of the IDE. They are only a converted version of the VS2003 solution files without the projects that are not of interest for each one.