Precompiled DLLs!


06-04-2006 06:14:07

I have uploaded a compressed pack of DLLs that I am currently using with my game project.

They include:

All of the OgreDotNet Debug DLLs, except the Gangsta-related ones.
All of the OgreSDK 1.2RC1 Debug DLLs (for VS2003), including plugins.
Plus my plugins.cfg (because I put my plugins in a separate folder).
The Paging Landscape Scene Manager 2 Debug DLL as well. (Where you get the supporting map files is up to you...)

Download and use at your own risk. :)

They're provided as-is... I won't support the use of them... if you can't figure it out, or if they don't work for you, maybe you should try compiling them yourself. :)