07-04-2006 18:41:53

I have a ventrilo server set up on my server here at home.

I use it rarely, but lately ElectricBliss and I have used it to talk while programming, or debugging, or figuring out ODN or whatever...

If you'd like, grab the ventrilo client at

Set up a new connection to my server, IP:

There is no password, and it's on the default port.

There's a limit of 8 connected people at one time, but it should be more than enough for people that want to chat.


07-04-2006 21:53:15

Thats not a bad idea. Jump on when you are working on something related to ogredot net, have instant access to help when you need it.

Although I typically listen to headphones when I'm coding... Can you guys sing?


07-04-2006 22:54:08

Yeah, but only if you don't mind hearing me sing 80s songs. :)