Screenshots thread!


08-04-2006 06:24:25

Post your screenshots of your OgreDotNet-powered applicatoin!


08-04-2006 07:06:07

This is all I can really show right now because a lot of my work has been in background client/server coding.

The strange artifacts you see on the landscape are a result of using the 1.0.4 PLSM2 DLL with the 1.0.6 versions of OgreSDK and ODN.

I am now using 1.2 across the board, and everything looks great. :)

The landscape you see in the background is the "ps_height_1k" test landscape included in the PLSM2. The imageset is the "taharezlook" that we all know and love. :)

I just recently got the code working where my server generates an item (in this case an ogrehead) and notifies the client of the item, its location, and orientation. This ogrehead appeared in the scene shortly after I "entered the world" with my client.


09-04-2006 04:29:36

Hi EagleEye,

This is a screen capture of (the first) scene that I created when trying to 'push' has a relatively high poly count, and everything is animated except the rock and buildings. ODN still manages ~50 FPS @ 800 x 600 32 bit which is pretty good (using Debug DLL's). Please note, this isn't part of my future development... :wink:


08-09-2006 08:03:17