Can't OgrePythons Swig files/prj that are upto date be used?


19-04-2009 07:15:34


Can't OgrePythons Swig files/prj that are up to date be used to keep OgreDotNet more up to date?

Anyway both use SWIG and Ogre....



19-04-2009 07:41:33

Python Ogre uses boost-python not swig, refer to the wiki for details on building python ogre on Linux.

You could in theory modify the generate_code modules to automatically create your interface files but this would probably involve quite a bit of work.


20-04-2009 10:18:32

I have started looking at using the Python-Ogre code generators to create SWIG "control" files -- mainly because I thought it'd be interesting to have Ogre support in 'boo' (as it's python like..)

It's early days yet and I don't expect the end result to be as fully featured as the current Python-Ogre modules (it would seem that Boost does a much more complete job of wrapping than SWIG does, however it's Python only and SWIG does numerous languages so perhaps a reasonable trade off) -- however I need to get a 1.6.2 release of Python-Ogre out first and then I'll see about the SWIG implementation...