Unable to destroy Sounds


13-05-2009 18:58:23


I am using OgreAL in my Game to manage Sounds. During runtime I want to dynamically create and destroy Sounds as I need them for my different Scenarios. But while Soundmanager->destroySound(sound->getName()) works perfectly in Debug Mode (I'm using VC Express ++ 9) I get an exception in Release Mode (as well in Mutithreaded as in Multithreaded-Dll), what could be the reason for that?

I don't have any Output, the console is empty...Visual Studio just breaks with an exception saying that the heap could be damaged...


15-05-2009 02:28:22

If you could please check that you're not mixing release with debug binaries, that would be the first step. In windows, it is possible to link a release executable against debug libraries, or even a mixture of debug and release libraries and the linker won't complain. This *will* cause issues like the one you're having.

If you're sure everything you're linking against is a-ok, please post a stack trace at the point where your debugger breaks. Make sure that you load the symbols in so that we get all the proper line numbers.