OgreAL r121


11-06-2009 11:35:24

Just a small update, OgreAL r121.

* Bug fixed: Where sound-stopped events were being fired continuously upon the sound having been stopped. You now only receive at most one notification of the sound stopping, which is the standard event-driven behaviour expected of most libraries.
* Feature added: "Sound culling" has been implemented. This allows you to have the gain on sounds set to zero after the sound gets a specified distance from the listener. After the sound returns to within range of the listener, the gain that was present on the sound at the time of culling is restored. This allows you to have inverse-linear sound-gain modelling with having the sounds *actually* go to zero gain after your specified distance. Please use getCullDistance() and setCullDistance(); see notes in comments for use.



15-06-2009 14:43:37

nice. Good to see ogreAL getting fixed