OgreAL r122


02-07-2009 05:22:36

I have added a feature which allows for cue callbacks. What this means is that you can get the OgreAL sound to call your listener interface back when the sound has reached a specific seconds(time) offset from the start of the file. This is done by first implementing the OgreAL::Sound::Listener interface on your end, registering the listener with the sound through addListener(), and then adding offsets to your listener implementation by adding them to the OffsetList (offsets) within the listener implementation.

Note: The OgreAL::Sound::Listener currently also has soundLooped() and soundStopped() but these do not work.Don't submit bug reports that they're not being called because at this point in time that's what's supposed to happen. I will make another commit soon which will utilise these, but I want to give people enough of a heads-up before I break the API. So far all of my changes have maintained the API in tact, but I'm not a huge fan of the functor passing that's happening right now for soundStopped, soundLooped, so i'm going to go for a more generic interface, and one that's extensible.