Error building vorbis_dynamic


18-07-2009 20:30:03

i'm trying to build the vorbis_dynamic project and i get the error
vorbis.def : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _analysis_output_always

Anyone any idea what could be the causing this?
Platform is Windows7 and VS2008ExpressEd.

Help is greatly appreciated! :)


21-07-2009 20:06:31

can't anyone help me with this one?
i'm trying to build the example from the book C++: How to program 6/e.

also OT: do i need a Dx9 capable videocard in order to run the sample programs provided with ogre3d?
i have a Radeon 9000, ie. a Dx8 card.

Still it seems somewhat odd that all the demos would rely on Dx9...


21-07-2009 23:04:11

This is the wrong forum for these issues. I do not know much about building the vorbis libs. I would suggest you perhaps not use a beta operating system? That may be an issue. Libraries won't be adjusted to compile on these sorts of development platforms until they... well... "out", and therefore no longer in development.