OgreAL and Shadows ??


21-07-2009 13:44:07

I´m suffering a very strange behaviour in my application, it happens when the OgreAL sound manager is initialized.

Texture based shadows starts to flicker a lot…at certain camera angles even disappear.
If I switch to Stencil Shadow everything is fine (but the scene is so complex that this is not an option).

Only happens when this line is placed.
soundManager = new OgreAL::SoundManager();

Prior to trying to introduce OgreAL, texture shadows were working ok .

I´m using Ogre SDK 1.6.2, OgreAL svn, Caelum svn and MOC.

Any Idea??
Thanks in advance


21-07-2009 23:00:24

OgreAL works exclusively with OGRE and OpenAL. It shouldn't be doing anything to cause rendering errors. It does utilise SceneNodes so as to get in-world positioning for sounds, but that's about it. Could you write a testcase to display the issue?


22-07-2009 10:35:56

As you point out, it was nothing related to OgreAL...

A sort of parallax mapping shader in my terrain material was the cause of the weird shadow behaviour...

Thanks a lot for your answer..