The procedure entry point ?detatchfromparent@MovableObject@O


10-01-2010 04:18:26

Hi everyone,
I am beginner in Ogre. I use OgreAL to play sound. When I create OgreAL object and start debugging

OgreAL::Sound* sound2D = smgr->createSound("2DSound",

I got the following error:
"The procedure entry point ?detatchfromparent@MovableObject@Ogre@@UAEXXZ could not be located in the dynamic link library OgreMain_d.dll"
Would you like to help me to solve this problem?


23-01-2010 00:23:00

Somewhere there's a typo. I'm not sure what your environment is but it's not detatchfromparent, it's detatchFromParent. Check stuff with respect to that.