Error in Play function, problem with Ogre 1.7


08-03-2010 07:05:03


I have a problem with OgreAL, build it with Ogre 1.7 noramlly but i can't call the play() function, there is an error when i call such function:

My code:

m_Sound = new OgreAL::SoundManager(); //OK
m_SoundShoot = m_Sound->createSound("Shoot","SOUND.wav"); //OK
m_SoundExplosion = m_Sound->createSound("Explosion","battle explosion.wav"); //OK
m_SoundExplosion->play(); // Error below

14:27:29: OGRE EXCEPTION(40963:): Failed to initialize source: OpenAL Error: The value pointer given is not valid in OgreAL::Sound::initSource

Anybody faces with this problem ?


14-04-2010 00:34:14

Could you catch the exception and give a stacktrace please?


29-04-2010 10:20:09

having the same issue

it's kinda big for me because i cant get around it and it happens if i got more than 1 sound (1 sound plays fine)

multiplay demo has the same error

No callstack produced since i have no callstack - i didn't manage to debug inside OgreAL... it says "no symbols loaded"


30-04-2010 21:08:51

Okay I accidently copied over the wrong dlls *facepalm*,.. the project folder construction confused me, so I didn't notice at first.

I don't get a callstack for the error. I am now narrowing down the problem in Sound::initSource() , will report.


01-05-2010 12:51:58

It's quite simple

there is no standard GainScale being set and if you don't set it it will crash. Of course it won't tell you why... and also the changes weren't inegrated into the demos for some sort of reason. So they will crash too.

Well just set the GainScale for every sound or put the GainScale out of the gain calculation in initSound and you will be fine.


05-05-2010 02:41:22

I'll be onto all of this very soon guys. I still don't have the internet at home. about another week


07-05-2010 19:00:23

Just to let you know, i'm experiencing the same problem.


08-05-2010 14:34:37

As i said, just set the scale for each sound (which is totally idiotic in case of a scale which should be global but yea..., i dont get how this should work otherwise, seems like this value isnt global at all, as it should be, very confusing.... and makes it totally useless in that case) and it will work.

OR: much easier- just go to sound and initSound and then delete the gainScale factor out of the line where the gain gets set.


09-05-2010 00:52:14

Cheers man, decided to edit the sound file insstead. Deleted the gainscale from "setGain" too which was needed!


27-05-2010 13:09:56

Help me i have error same it.
I try many way but don't success.
Can you help me


05-06-2010 04:43:08

Fixed in r132. Sorry for the delay guys. I just got the Internet again.


09-10-2010 23:50:04

Fixed in r132. Sorry for the delay guys. I just got the Internet again.
I m glad someone fixes all these things at all! So thank you.

Espcially considering this addon doesn't seem to be used much anymore - I don't even get why this is the case. I think this is really good and powerful. And license wise way more open than FMod.