Compiling OpenAL for Ogre 1.7


24-04-2010 22:52:37

I'm trying to compile OpenAL for 1.7

In this thread I will collect all the changes (as compared to the Install / Setup instruction thread) I have to do extra for that. This is in regards to the OpenAL version as being checked out from trunk via SVN.

- When trying to compile OpenAL, you might get errors regarding instances of abstract classes - to fix this search in your project (header files of OpenAL) for any place where OGRE_VERSION_MINOR appears. There change it from == 6 to ==7. I don't even know what this is good for.

- Next seems to be a general bug. The function "Ogre::Real Sound::getGainScale() const" is empty. I added "return this->mGainScale;"

That's all that was needed to compile it. I just wanted to document it so that someone may have an easy start and knows it compiles with 1.7.

It also works nicely, just tested it.


05-06-2010 04:56:47

Both fixed in r134. Thank you for reporting.