is there document about ogreal?


08-09-2010 12:32:12

hi, there!

is there document about ogreal now?

in the setup post, the document url isn't right now.


08-09-2010 13:44:39

If you mean API doc, you can build it yourself using doxygen. :)


10-10-2010 04:07:45

I don't like the attitude of authors in this day and age that doxygenised code should be enough. Good documentation does take time but is worth the effort and your users will be grateful for it. I don't think it is that hard for the author or another contributor to either edit forum post to that points to a broken URL for documentation to either fix the URL or give instructions on how to build the documentation. Also, the doxygen code doesn't give any instructions on how to implement OgreAL. To the experienced programmer, it is straightforward but for the novice the lack of good beginner oriented documentation is really felt here. OgreAL is not alone in that. OgreOggSound is another example of this. For now I have hosted the OgreAL API documentation on my website for those who don't know how to use doxygen. However, I doubt it will be any help to a novice.