how to cut down the time of creating *.ogg sound


10-09-2010 01:23:47

hi, there!

when i create a *.ogg sound, i found that ogreal spent more than 20 seconds. but when i create a *.wav sound, it spent less than 1 second.

of cource this may matter with that, the *.ogg is about 2M and the *.wav is about 20K.

but i still want to ask that, is there any way to cut down the time of creating *.ogg, even though it's a little big?


17-09-2010 11:02:54

OgreAL queues buffers on demand, which entails also loading when played. OGG is a compressed format, so if you're not streaming, the whole thing needs to be decompressed into memory. Factor into that the speed of your computer.


18-09-2010 03:31:27

tks for the reply.

in another topic in this forum, it said that the sound will stop in some situation if stream the sound.
but if don't stream the sound, it will spent more time to load to buffer.

how should we solve this?


15-10-2010 22:58:13

If you stream the sound, you're loading on the fly. The other approach is to preload the whole thing. It's your choice.