The same sound from multiple locations at the same time?


15-09-2011 03:42:48

Hi. I'm new to OgreAL and have only dabbled a little with OpenAL in a poorly constructed project a few years ago. I have managed to get everything working well so far, and am super impressed by how easy it has all been, definitely the best wrapper for Audio i've used.

I am trying to implement a stereo system. Basically, there are a number of speakers (scene nodes) around an area. I have been messing with positional audio and have it working pretty well with audio from one speaker. However I was hoping I could attack the audio to multiple scene nodes and have it play all at the same time, however this doesn't seem to want to work. Is there an easy solution to this, or should I be loading in the same sound once for every speaker and starting them at the exact same time?

Thanks for the help in advance.