(Solved) Bigger Song


21-11-2011 12:47:51

Hi everybody,

I'm Raidow, and I've to do a project with Ogre3D // OgreAL // BulletPhysics for an experiment of motion capture !

I success to loop small song (My Wav file is 1 or 2 seconds of sound... this is the sound of water) with OgreAL with the 3D Sound Effect... but when I put a song bigger than the previous, for example a song of ACDC, I've not the 3D Sound Effect for this big song when I move in my virtual world.

Somebody could help me ?

(I'm not English... scuse me for spelling or language mistakes, I'm here to improve it)


23-11-2011 14:45:07

I solved the problem... it was because I used a Stereo file for my music and Mono file for my water song... So OgreAL and OpenAL works only with Mono File ! I encoded my music to a Mono Wav file, and now the 3D Sound Effect works for the music !