Problem Building OgreAL - SVN w/Eihort CVS


30-01-2007 03:43:06

I'm a noob when it comes to making Environment variables (is it in My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables ?)

Anyway, I know how to map the projects to my code, so I did that instead. (What is the difference between OGRE_SRC and OGRE_HOME?)

I'm trying to build the SVN version of OgreAL, and having problems:

1>------ Build started: Project: OgreAL, Configuration: Release Win32 ------
1>..\src\OgreALSoundManager.cpp(213) : error C2653: 'Exception' : is not a class or namespace name
1>..\src\OgreALSoundManager.cpp(213) : error C2065: 'ERR_DUPLICATE_ITEM' : undeclared identifier
1>..\src\OgreALSoundManager.cpp(213) : error C2955: 'Ogre::ExceptionCodeType' : use of class template requires template argument list
1> D:\EihortCVS\ogrenew\OgreMain\include\OgreException.h(182) : see declaration of 'Ogre::ExceptionCodeType'
1>..\src\OgreALSoundManager.cpp(213) : fatal error C1903: unable to recover from previous error(s); stopping compilation
1>Build log was saved at "file://d:\OgreAL\OgreAL\Release\BuildLog.htm"
1>OgreAL - 4 error(s), 0 warning(s)

3>------ Build started: Project: Directional_Demo, Configuration: Release Win32 ------
3>.\Listener.cpp(36) : error C2039: 'getNumberOfDevices' : is not a member of 'OIS::InputManager'
3> D:\EihortCVS\ogrenew\Dependencies\include\OIS\OISInputManager.h(35) : see declaration of 'OIS::InputManager'
3>.\Listener.cpp(41) : error C2039: 'getNumberOfDevices' : is not a member of 'OIS::InputManager'
3> D:\EihortCVS\ogrenew\Dependencies\include\OIS\OISInputManager.h(35) : see declaration of 'OIS::InputManager' D:\EihortCVS\ogrenew\Dependencies\include\OIS\OISInputManager.h(35) : see declaration of 'OIS::InputManager'
3>Project : warning PRJ0018 : The following environment variables were not found:
3>Build log was saved at "file://d:\OgreAL\Demos\Directional_Demo\Release\BuildLog.htm"

========== Build: 0 succeeded, 5 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========

Guess I should make those environment variables. Is the place I listed above the correct place to set Environmental variables? (Win xp pro)

I just got the latest eihort dependencies Sinbad posted in a forum thread in the developer section.

Does v0.2 have background music functionality, or its in the SVN? I'd like to play with the SVN if possible, but if its still undergoing a lot of changes and v0.2 works for me, I'll use that.

I'm using Eihort CVS as of yesterday, 1/28/07.




30-01-2007 04:06:12

The issue with exception was due to a bug in Ogre. The day after I reported it sinbad fixed it and then I updated OgreAL to work again, so when did you grab OgreAL from svn?

Hold on, are you checking out from I branched off the project so that people could still use OgreAL with Dagon, so you'll need to download from the ...OgreAL-Eihort branch.

As for background music, there is support for that in v0.2 as well, but the SVN head is the only version that doesn't rely on a scenemanager (which I know you've been waiting for!)


30-01-2007 04:26:36

I got it about 10 minutes before posting, lol.

Got it from:

This is my includes for each project (all 5 of them):
"d:\OpenAL 1.1 SDK\include";

I also just realized I didn't set the Library directories, they're still using the environment variables. Was I correct about the place to set env. vars?




30-01-2007 04:40:45

I went ahead and blew away OgreAL and got it again using SVN.

I made 4 environment variables:
OGRE_SRC - D:\EihortCVS\ogrenew
OGRE_HOME - D:\EihortCVS\ogrenew
ALUT_BIN - D:\freealut-1.1.0-bin

As for OIS, I used Sinbad's dependency package, found at

So I guess I just need to link to OIS in ogrenew/dependencies/include/OIS and lib/($ConfigurationName).

*drum roll*....

Doh! Got the same errors =(. At least I think I setup all the environment vars correctly.



30-01-2007 05:56:55

I'll give this a shot, I am actually in a pretty good position to test out my set up instructions since Windows took a header over the weekend and I had to do a full reinstall! The only thing I see that is a bit odd is that you don't need to set OGRE_HOME if you are building from source. This is the environment variable that gets set when you install the Ogre SDK.

Looking into the OIS problem, it seems that the dependencies posted by sinbad are not the latest, I am not sure when they changed, but the header for the OIS::InputManager in the dependencies that sinbad posted say this/**
Returns the number of joysticks found
virtual int numJoySticks() = 0;

Returns the number of mice found
virtual int numMice() = 0;

Returns the number of keyboards found
virtual int numKeyboards() = 0;
Whereas the CVS head version says/**
Returns the number of the specified OIS::Type devices discovered by OIS
@param iType
Type that you are interested in
int getNumberOfDevices( Type iType );
I was using the latest version of everything when I branched to OgreAL-Eihort, so you will need to get OIS from Sourceforge. I'll add that to the install instructions.


30-01-2007 06:12:18

Ah, CVS problems.. Getting all the various dependencies seems like a tedious task. (Hope Eihort comes out soon, getting CVS for all the dependencies is undesirable)

Let me know if OgreAL builds without problems! :)



30-01-2007 06:49:32

Let me know if OgreAL builds without problems! :)hehe, I hope so! But at least this way I know whether my instructions are clear!


30-01-2007 17:39:42

OIS Eihort uses the "v1-0" branch of OIS ;) The second API you posted is part of OIS head (version 1.1 branch). While I never officially released 1.0, yet, I needed to branch to work on some new features (wiimote, LIRC, etc). Only the InputManager api changed, and only for enumeration reports, so porting is actually trivial - feel free to use either version. Eihort, however, will stick with OIS 1.0 API (since Eihort is nearing release).


30-01-2007 18:05:03

I should probably stick with 1.0, if those are the dependencies that Ogre is going to ship with... And then I could just branch the project again to use CVS head.


30-01-2007 18:38:03

Ah, no wiimote in 1.0? :cry:

Ah well, I can just grab CVS of OIS when the time comes, he he he.


01-02-2007 02:04:47

Ok, I have just made the changes so that OgreAL-Eihort will build with no problems using the dependencies package that sinbad loaded on to Sourceforge today. So if you are using Eihort, you're all set! For the moment at least ;)


01-02-2007 18:38:02

Can you throw up the link to it?

Will give this a shot today or tomorrow!




01-02-2007 20:39:57

It's in the Sourceforge SVN repo, the link is in the topic at the top of this forum about getting OgreAL set up. Let me know if you have any more trouble! :D


01-02-2007 21:18:19

Found it!


01-02-2007 23:43:03

:oops: Oh, a link to the dependencies! Sorry about that!


02-02-2007 07:00:46

Everything built fine, just had to make a minor change when linking to the lib paths:






02-02-2007 07:06:14

:? Are you using the latest Eihort? That's a change I made today because in [u]this thread[/u] sinbad says that the directory structure has changed intentionally due to the new licensing all of the libs are now in ogrenew/libinstead of ogrenew/OgreMain/lib/{Debug|Release}


02-02-2007 07:07:22

Oops! not using the latest eihort :oops:


02-02-2007 07:09:24

Ah, yeah, I was a bit confused by that too, that's why I posted that other thread! :D


02-02-2007 07:43:27

Blew everything away, redid it, and it all builds together nicely!

I'm getting an error with the Directional_Demo, do we need a better-than-laptop sound card? It loads up fine, and when I press 'a', I hear the siren playing, but I get an error.

This weekend I'll get to use OgreAL! sweet!



02-02-2007 15:45:25

:oops: Nope, that's my bad! When porting the listeners over to OIS I did a lot of copy paste and I missed a line where a scene node was being defined in that demo! :oops: So it's a regular old Ogre error! Sorry about that, it's fixed now, I also noticed that the BetaGui is not working any more in the Doppler demo, I am going to look into that tonight. How did they other demos treat you?


02-02-2007 18:39:10

The doppler demo was really hard to modify any settings.. I would click on the ">>" button like 10 times and the value changed once. That and once I raised the value, I couldn't lower it, lol!

The Basic demo was great, same as when I first ran it.
I remember vaguely one was testing my speakers, like "front left" "front right" "center" or something.

So doppler demo GUI should be a little bit more responsive, and the directional demo sould use some instructions, I just pressed 'a' from my knowledge of the basic demo. Other than that, the demo's are cool!

Oh, is there any way to include w/a/s/d for camera manipulation? I know that conflicts with other keys.. maybe we can move those? Just a thought.



02-02-2007 20:15:06

The doppler demo was really hard to modify any settings.. I would click on the ">>" button like 10 times and the value changed once.I didn't think it was working at all! I'll look into that tonight.

I remember vaguely one was testing my speakers, like "front left" "front right" "center" or something.Yeah, that's the Multi-Channel demo, it's got issues too. The only multi-channel ogg file I could find was converted from a WMA by a converter that messed up the channel order, so even thought the voice is saying "LEFT", "RIGHT" it's not coming from those speaker! I left it in there until I can find a better alternative!

Oh, is there any way to include w/a/s/d for camera manipulation? I know that conflicts with other keys.. maybe we can move those? Just a thought.It's a good thought, I'll do that and move the other keys to something else. I've also noticed that there is an issue with overlays in Eihort, even when the instructions are at the top of the frame, they are impossible to read! I'll see what I can do about the overlay and the keys this weekend! Also, if anyone has a good, multi-channel ogg file would they please PM me!