Extra functions: rolloff, echoes, etc.


31-01-2007 00:04:00

First of all let me say, that this wrapper is a very well done one, so good job on that! Wish you continue well with it.
However, I am wondering, according to documentation the only effects the wrapper supports so far are the doppler effects. But everything else from OpenAL is still unavailable? I mean, basically, if we have a loud sound inside a house, say, and a person is standing outside, that the sound would be perfectly hearable on the outside, as if there is no wall at all?


31-01-2007 00:40:17

What you are describing is called occlusion and is not actually implemented in OpenAL, it is implemented in the EAX extension, which is on the list for the next major release. As for more basic rolloff and distance attenuation, these are per-sound settings and can be accessed in the Sound class.