Sound file types supported by OgreAL


15-02-2007 16:37:04

Hi guys... finally I'm able to use OgreAL !!!
I had to renounce to Code:Blocks and GNU GCC to use Visual Studio.
I've just a stupid question: mp3 and wave stream are not supported, so, what type of file I can use? Are ogg files the only types for music?
I'm asking this because I register my music and effect in wav and mp3 and I think that I need a converter to adapt my sound files... can you suggest one to me?



15-02-2007 16:50:45

My first thought is vorbis's oggenc application, which will allow you to convert a wav file into an ogg file. If you're on Linux, there's a tricky app called 'mp32ogg' which does a nice job I've found. Otherwise, I've had pretty good luck with


15-02-2007 17:06:10

Wav's are supported, just not as a stream yet. My thought was that if you are going to use a non-compressed data format then the sound wouldn't be that big in the first place. Looks like that was a bad assumption! So I am going to add support for streaming Wav's when I take out the dependency on alut.


15-02-2007 17:19:22

I want to thank both guys !!!
I hope that one day I can help you as you are doing with me !!!
I'll stay tuned for updates and I hope I can use OgreAL for long time !!!