Runtime errors


20-02-2007 09:17:36

Hello once again guys

The link errors I used to get are fiixed and now I'm 1 step closer to hearing sound from the game!

now I'm get a runtime error. I ran in debug mode to figure out what's going on and I get the error:

Assertion failed!

Program: c:\mydev\LIAV\bin\Debug\LIAV_864.exe
File c:\gamedec\864\ogrenew\ogremain\...\ogrelo...ger.cpp

Expresion: ms_Singleton

The error seams to have to do with ogrealsoundmanager.cpp
Ogre::LogManager::getSingleton().logMessage("*-*-* OgreAL Initialization");

For your info to he I added the following OgreAL related code into my program:

First thing under int main I put:

OgreAL::SoundManager *soundManager;
soundManager = new OgreAL::SoundManager();
OgreAL::Sound *bgSound = soundManager->createSound("FinalDuel", "roar.wav", true);


20-02-2007 09:25:52

Just realized that the same problem was discussed here: ... eadab929ff

nonetheless I compiled ogreAL in both debug and release so that's not the issue i think

but maybe I'm using the wrong version of OgreAL

How do I know which version of OgreAL I have to decide whether to use For Ogre 1.2 Dagon or For Ogre 1.4 Eihort ?


26-02-2007 03:21:47

CaseyB suggested that I remove the code from main function and place it with th SceneManager

I did that and it did indeed get rid of the error... now it just can't seem to find the file. Here is the error i get at runtime:

An exception has been thrown

Error #: 7
Function: ResourceGroupManager::findGroupContainingResource
Description: Unable to drive resource group for roar.wav automatically since the resource was not found
File: ..\src\PgreResourceGroupManager.cpp
Line: 1361
Stack unwinding: <<beginning of stack>>

any idea where i should store the roar.wav to avoid this error? or does this error mean something different?


26-02-2007 03:37:23

i placed the audio file in my game media dirctory so that now i have:



26-02-2007 04:00:10

Did you add that path to your Resources.cfg?


26-02-2007 04:38:18

Did you add that path to your Resources.cfg?

hmmm, no, let me try that

thanks for the reply


26-02-2007 05:02:05

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!

For the first time in 6 weeks I hear sound come out of my game!
I love you CaseyB!!! You saved my life!


26-02-2007 05:41:20

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!
Sweet! I'm glad it worked for you!

I love you CaseyB!!! You saved my life! :oops: That may be a bit far, but ok! :lol: