OgreAL Donations Thread


26-02-2007 05:14:14

I've never come accross wonderful people like the developers of this mod.

A very special thank you to CaseyB who patiently answered my newbish questions and helped me fix error by error until I eventually got OgreAL running. OgreAL is a wonderful addition to Ogre. Thank you

Thanks to Total Meltdown too for his help and his new extensions to OgreAL

If you found OgreAL useful please contribute to this project by donating. This is the least we could do.

To donate go to:
https://sourceforge.net/project/project ... _id=181825

I donated $50
post your donations here


26-02-2007 05:42:58

WOW! That's very generous! Thank you very much! I think I know just where that'll go. I'm waiting for an answer back from one more person and then I'll announce it! :wink:


26-02-2007 14:36:15

Aye. Many thanks from me as well! The Open Source community has bailed me out of countless issues in the past, I'm glad I can give something back.

Glad you enjoy the library! :D