Logo Contest Closed


27-02-2007 00:29:14

OgreAL needs a logo and who better to design it than the amazingly creative folks who call call the Ogre community home?!

What we're looking for:
Something iconic - We need something that is instantly recognizable for what it is, I mean look at the Ogre logo, it's simple but unique.

Something informative - It should show a little of what OgreAL is all about.

Above all, something creative! - The logo should be something fresh and new!

What can you use?:
I have gotten permission from Steve Streeting, a.k.a. sinbad (the Ogre god) to use parts of the Ogre logo and from Liam Byrne, Developer Relations Manager Games from Creative Labs to use parts of the OpenAL logo. Here is what Mr. Byrne had to say:Please feel free to us the OpenAL logo.
Just call out the trademark to Creative Labs with � and call it out in a footnote or something; that OpenAL is a registered trademark of Creative Labs.
This means that the copyright statement needs to be in the image that you submit if you use the any of the OpenAL logo, sinbad didn't say anything but I think it would be nice to incorporate a similar statement for Ogre.

This by no means implies that you have to, or even should, use the Ogre or OpenAL logo, I just wanted you to have the option! :wink:

What's in it for you?!:
Your artwork will become the symbol of OgreAL, it will be included in any web pages that come about, as well as being in the OgreAL demo (much like the Ogre logo in those demos), but most of all the winner will receive either a T-Shirt or a Polo with their logo on it!

How long do you have?:
Four weeks. Submissions must be in (that is posted in this thread) by 12 pm EST on March 26, 2007.

Good luck to everyone, I can't wait to see what you come up with!


19-03-2007 04:21:01

In a desire to remind people about this contest as the deadline looms near and to try to kick things off I am posting a design that I worked up based on an idea from t0tAl_mElTd0wN:


19-03-2007 20:58:34

That looks awesome! :)

If I was an artist I'd take a stab at it, but that's not that case (at least not at this point in time :wink: )



27-03-2007 07:55:12

With one final tweak, here is the final version of the logo:

And I opened a Cafe Press store with a bunch of OgreAL stuff.