ogg sound stream support


27-02-2007 22:27:50

Hey Casey, remember we talked about various ogg file formats support? For example the ogg I tried (which I got from converting a .wav file to it by an application ingeniously called "MP3 WAV WMA OGG Converter" btw) doesnt work with OgreAL, but does with the OpenAL SDK .ogg stream example. Any progess with that? I despertly need it for my project =p


27-02-2007 23:41:37

I was able to convert an mp3 into ogg using http://www.mgshareware.com/frmmain.shtml and it worked in OgreAL. Maybe you can convert the wav with this free tool and see if it works?



28-02-2007 06:28:06

you can convert mp3 to wav using this free app:
http://www.download.com/MP3-to-WAV-Deco ... ag=lst-0-1


28-02-2007 10:01:18

I know that I can find a tool that will convert to an .ogg format which OgreAL will understand, that's besides the point.

The point is that OpenAL support .ogg formats which OgreAL does not. Just look at the OpenAL ogg stream example code and compare it with OgreAL's code...


28-02-2007 13:32:42

We talked about wav files, not ogg files, and you said:PS: While I was at it, I tried letting the "PlayStatic" openal sdk example to play my long .wav music file, and it failed. So... It's not you, it's openal! =DSo I didn't know it was something I should be looking into. So now what's the deal with the ogg file? You converted your big wav into ogg and OgreAL is not playing it but OpenAL is?


01-03-2007 17:28:20



01-03-2007 22:51:41

Have you tried replacing the background sound in the Basic_Demo with your ogg file and seeing if it runs? If that doesn't work can you email me the file so I can run some tests?


02-03-2007 15:42:19

I replace the background .ogg with my .ogg, and when I run the demo I get a black screen (!) with the sound effect (not the music, I'm talking about the roar) looping.

Here's the log:

17:27:04: An exception has been thrown!

Error #: 3
Function: OgreAL::Sound::initSource
Description: OpenAL Error: There is no current context.
Stack unwinding: <<beginning of stack>>

And there it ends...

I'd be happy to mail you the .ogg but I can't find your mail =p

It's nice Star Wars music :)


02-03-2007 18:48:11

I'd be happy to mail you the .ogg but I can't find your mail =pJust use the "email" button under my sig.

It's nice Star Wars music :)SWEET! I can't wait!


02-03-2007 21:04:52

Umm, there's only profile, PM, and www buttons...


02-03-2007 21:39:55

:oops: Sorry about that. I could see it so I didn't realize that I had it turned off!


04-03-2007 20:05:25

I put your ogg file in the Demos/Media/Audio directory and in the basic demo I changed OgreAL::Sound *bgSound = soundManager->createSoundStream("ZeroFactor", "Zero Factor - Untitled.ogg", true);

To OgreAL::Sound *bgSound = soundManager->createSoundStream("ZeroFactor", "FinalDuel.ogg", true);

And it played perfectly fine and there was no crash on shutdown. Have you tried updating your sound drivers? I am not sure why it that would cause it play in the OpenAL player and not OgreAL though. :?


05-03-2007 08:57:31

This is getting weird... I'll check it further.


21-03-2007 05:38:25

This is getting weird... I'll check it further.

We want to hear how the story ends ...