Building OgreAL Eihort on Linux


05-03-2007 21:07:28

Hi all, i just finished building OgreAL on linux, so this is what we need to change :
1> the with OIS

2> numKeyboards to numKeyBoards
ie in Listener on all démo: if(mInputManager->numKeyBoards() > 0)

3> OGRE_EXCEPT to throw Ogre::exception ...
And there is a problem with the sed in make install.

After it works.


06-03-2007 03:17:22

Cool! I am glad you got it working under Linux. I changed the the two OGRE_EXCEPT's to throw Ogre::Exception's and there is a problem with the SVN for some reason and I can't get the new Linux files that t0tAl_mElTd0wN had added, but I will change that soon. As for the numKeyboards vs. numKeyBoards, that was a consistency issue that was cleared up with the latest release of the Ogre Dependencies, so it numKeyboards now.


06-03-2007 09:05:10

OK and thanks for OgreAL, it's very easy to use.


06-03-2007 09:19:07

Something else, it seems that there is some deprecated function
OgreALWavSound.cpp:47: warning: 'alutLoadWAVFile' is deprecated (declared at /usr/include/AL/alut.h:113)

OgreALWavSound.cpp:55: warning: 'alutUnloadWAV' is deprecated (declared at /usr/include/AL/alut.h:116)


06-03-2007 15:02:45

Yeah, alut is like glut, it offers some easy, cross-platform ways to do things. I found out it was deprecated after bringing it in. :( Removing it is scheduled to be done for the next release though.